Asus Router Login

There are different routers manufactured by Asus according to the need. If you are installing the router for your children so that they can enjoy playing games without any disturbance then Asus T-AC88U is the best router to install. And if you need to install the router for your small apartment or home then you should consider the Asus RT-ACRH13. Choose any one from those according to your need and open the Asus Router login window and get into the Asus router setup page to install the router. Most of the latest Asus router are dual band routers and having all the properties of the best router you can have.

Asus Router Login

How to Setup the Asus Router with Asus App?

A few methods are available to set up your Asus router. However, setting up your Asus through the Asus app is one of the fastest ways to complete your setup. The Asus routers is one of those routers out there in the market with user-friendly features that will make the setup very easy and fast. If you opt for the web-based setup approach via, you will be required to do it via a wired connection or wireless. Therefore, if you are going to use the app for the setup, first, check if your Asus router version is compatible with the App. 

  1. First, before we can begin the setup, you will have to download the app you will be using. 
  2. Then, you have to make a connection to the Asus router network 
  3. Go to your smartphone screen and launch the Asus app
  4. Select the “Setup” tab
  5. Then select “Asus router”
  6. Go ahead to grant access for your Asus router to trace the current location of your smartphone. 
  7. Further, select “Start”
  8. Up next, according to the condition of your network, choose the internet type
  9. Now, type in the login details by the Internet Service Provider. If you cannot find these login details anywhere visible, contact them for help. 
  10. After that, you have to create a special new SSID and its passkey. Then select “Next”
  11. On this next page, you have to carefully input the new login details. Go ahead to input the same password twice to verify it. 
  12. Select “Next”
  13. Subsequently, if you want to “Enable Remote Connection”, select “OK”. if otherwise, select “Cancel”.

And Finally when you see the homepage of your Asus app, it means that all your asus router setup is complete and ready for use.

Know more about Asus routers

Asus routers are designed in such a way that you will get internet access in all corners of your home. With most of the Asus routers, you will not feel like that you have to use extenders for extending the range of the wireless signal. Moreover, the Asus router setup is also very easy.

For the setup, you have to open the Asus router login page and you can do this by typing IP address or  in the address bar of the opened browser. Make sure, the device you are using to open the login page should be connected to the internet.

Asus Blue Cave router

Asus is launching a new router named Blue Cave router with all new design. You will see a big hole in the centre of the router and that is basically for insulation among internal antennas. A new feature is also there called Family overview. This is used to monitor and control the router from a mobile device or remote device. The router gives you lag free internet access.

Ai Protection is also there to protect your system from internet attacks. The app allows you to view the network usage and sends you a notification when you add a new device to the network. Even when the Ai Protection detects something malicious coming from the internet, it will give you a notification automatically. The launch date is not final yet.

How do I Access the Asus Router Login Page?

Whether you want to setup the router for the first time or you want to change the password, you need to open the Asus login page to get into the setup page of the router or we can say the configuration page of the router. Follow the steps given below to setup or change the settings of your Asus router.

The setup is finished after following the instruction. After that, change the settings as per you need and save the settings. Log out from the http // login window.

If you are unable to setup the Asus router then you can try the soft reset as well as hard reset to again start the setup process from the initial stage.

Soft reset process for the Asus router

 First, log in to the Asus router setup page with the default credentials. Then go to the Administration section and click on the reset your router. It will start the reset process and ends it automatically. Now, you have to set up the Asus wifi router again by using the default username and password.

Hard reset process for the Asus router

 For this method, you need a paper clip or pin. Find the reset hole located on the router. Mostly, the reset holes are on the back of the router. Hold a pin in your hand and make sure it is able to get into that hole. Put the pin inside the hole and hold it there for around 10 to 30 seconds and release it. The Asus router is set to factory default settings.

Setup the router again. The reset process is also beneficial when you have 50forgotten the password of your Asus router. When you forgot the password and still trying to reach the home page through the default one then you will get an error message access denied. You can easily find out the default username and password on the internet for any router. If you get any issue while the reset or while the setup, contact us for a solution.

Troubleshoot Asus Login IP Connection Issue

 The main issue arises when you are not able to see the login page of the Asus router. This is because you are not able to get into the setup page of the router. The reason behind this is that someone has already changed the IP address by mistake or intentionally when doing the settings. To find the IP address, open the command prompt window by typing the cmd in the search field. Now, type IP configure in the opened command prompt window. This is the command to find out the IP address. Press Enter and it will show you the IP address that will be used to log into the router’s home page. 

Troubleshoot Asus Login IP connection Issue

ASUS Router Troubleshooting Tip

While you are trying to set up your Asus router, a series of issues may occur causing disruption and preventing you from accessing the network seamlessly. Here is some more information on dealing with the most common issues related to your Asus router.

ASUS Router not Working Error

Accessing the login page is the first step towards setting up your Asus router. And being unable to access it means you won’t be able to set up the router. Now, there can be several reasons behind you not being able to access the login page. The issue might be due to-
ASUS router not working error
  • Check if you are using a wrong URL, you are likely to be directed to a wrong site or just shown an error. Therefore, check if you have made any typos. The correct web address to access the login page is  If you wish, you can also use the default IP address.
  • The default IP address can be found using the command prompt menu with the “ipconfig” command. Once you are on the login page, follow the basic steps to access the login page.
  • Also, check if you are connected to the right network. If not, the browser screen will show you the “This site can’t be reached” message. This means that you’ll need to connect your computer/smartphone to the correct network.
  • If you are connected using an ethernet cable, check if the cables are inserted correctly in their respective ports and are not loose. If doing that doesn’t help resolve the issue, you can replace the cables and use a new pair. If the asus router not working error still persists, you can always reach out to the team at our end for help.

Other Problems You Might Get With Your Asus Router

  • Not secured network
  • Asus router setup issue
  • There is yellow light on the status LED
  • No internet access after the successful setup of the Asus router
  • login window not opening

You can get any other issue rather than those mentioned above. If you have some technical knowledge then you can find a solution. Otherwise, you need help of someone who knows about the routers and modems. Every router has different setup process, different issues can arrive while their setup. You can take help from our team as our team is having experience in solving these types of issues. Our members will stay connected to you till the problem gets resolved completely. You can contact them via toll free number or chat with the experts via the live chat window.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to login to the asus router?

Logging into your Asus router is one of the simplest activities to carry out during the setup of your router. Logging in also means that you have access to reach the advanced settings of your router account. Therefore, you are able to make major changes to your router and network. The asus router login procedure has nothing complex to it and can be quickly completed. Follow the following thread of procedures to get to your Asus router setup page.

●     Begin by establishing a connection between your computer and the Asus router via an ethernet cord. Insert the two-ends of the cord into its rightful slot on both the router and computer.

●     Open your computer’s browser. In the URL bar, carefully type in the IP address.

●     Press “Enter” or you can likewise type in the default web link if you cannot seem to access the IP address.

●     If the web link or IP address you have entered is correct, you will land on the page where you have to sign in.

●     Mindfully input your login details. That is the password with the username that came with the router or the customized one.

●     After evaluating your login details to make sure it is correct, select “Login” on the screen. By now, you will be on your Asus router setup page. Here you can make advanced modifications to your network name or change your password.

If by chance you begin to face technical problems while you want to try the “login asus router” tips that are provided here. There is no cause for alarm. You can proceed to trying out some troubleshooting tips that will help you get through. Nevertheless, if none works, you can try to reset your Asus router to resolve the impending issue. 

What does game boost do in ASUS gaming routers?

Game Boost is an Asus adaptive QoS that is used to reduce ping time and handle multiple connected devices. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you can enable this function to prioritize the gaming traffic passing through Asus gaming routers and ensure ultimate game performance.

How do I access my ASUS wireless router for setup?

This requires login to your Asus router’s web console through  All you need to do is connect your computer system to the Asus router’s network. Type or in your browser. Input the Asus router’s username and password as admin in both the fields to get access to the Asus router configuration page. For the remote access of your Asus router network, you will have to enable remote access feature on the Asus router on the settings page. Type in your Asus router’s IP address or for Asus login to set up the remote access.

What is ASUS WTfast and what it does?

Asus has partnered with WTfast to help users play online games lag-free. The WTfast gamers private network can minimize packet loss and lower latency for online gaming through Asus routers. Asus WTfast reduces game ping and increases internet stability. If you want to use the WTfast on the Asus router, log in to the Game boost management interface. From the interface, select the Client and it will show all clients connected to the Asus device. Click on the Plus icon to add this profile and choose a game you want to play.

What is the web address all about? is the default gateway address for Asus routers. This web address is used to access the Asus router’s administrative console to configure it and secure your home network. You can use this address to log in to the router and customize a range of advanced settings. The web domain is the domain name that is used by Asus to help the users login to their routers without any problems. Earlier, the users had to asus router login using the default IP address for their Asus routers. Many people didn’t know where to look for the address or what it was. Asus provided the users with a simple solution, they now ship their routers preconfigured to use the web domain instead of the default IP address specific to the routers. This way, the users can simply asus login to their device to further configure it and secure their network without any problems.

What do I do if the web address fails to redirect us to the Asus login page?

You may get login errors while trying to access You can fix the not working issue by following some easy troubleshooting tips:

  • The first tip is to check the cable connections between the Asus router and the PC.
  • Connect the PC to your router’s network through Ethernet instead of a wireless connection to avoid any hassles during login.
  • Second, verify the web address you are typing in the browser. 
  • Enter the correct address that is Or, you can use the default IP to access the Asus login page.
  • Also, check if the router is connected to the modem via Ethernet.
  • Next, power cycle all the devices including the modem, PC, and Asus router.