Asus Router Setup for Wired & Wireless Connection

Asus Router Setup for Wired & Wireless Connection

Are you looking for a Quality router for your home & office? Well, nowadays it is not that much difficult because Asus is leading router industry for quite some time. You can choose any quality router from Asus Company as per your requirement. In case, of any assistance regarding Asus router setup or Asus login , you will get assistance easily. Due to the immense popularity of the brand router is household name & loaded with essential and unique features. Every Asus router is quality product & dual band router as well. It means with Asus router every use you will get hi-speed internet connectivity. Asus routers are meant to provide internet connectivity in every corner of your house & office. So, now no need to get panic, when you lost internet connectivity. Switch to Asus hi-speed Routers and change the way you do networking. Let’s go through the steps required for setting Up Asus router or how you initiate Asus login.

Do the following before you go for Asus Router Setup

Make use of wired connection while setting up Asus Wireless router, to avoid likely setup problems.
  •    In case, you are replacing your old router with Asus router then disconnect it from Network.
  •    Don’t forget to detach every cables/wire from your active modem setup. Or if it has any backup battery, also remove it.
  •    Next, reboot your modem or router, strongly recommended from experts.
Steps for Asus Router Setup for Wired Connection
  •    To setup wireless router via a wired connection, put Asus router AC adapter into DC-IN port and then into a power outlet.
  •    Use Network cable to connect your computer to Asus router LAN port.
  •    Now check If LAN LED is Blinking or not? It is important that it blinks.

Steps for Asus Router Setup for Wireless Connection

  •    Insert Asus router AC adapter into a port of DC-IN & then plug it into a power source.
  •    Connect your computer to Asus router WAN port via network Cable.
  •    Place modem’s AC adapter into a port of DC-IN & then put into a power outlet.
  •    Connect on your computer an IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN adapter.
Method for Asus login
  •    Asus routers have an intuitive web graphical user interface which is also called GUI. In this, you require using a web browser to configure Asus Router various features.
  •    So, open a web browser on your computer and the wireless device. Enter Router default IP address into browser address bar. Or if this doesn’t work then try entering into an address bar of the browser.
  •    On Asus Login page Enter default login credentials in the given field. The default username is Admin and Password is also Password.
  •    Now, you can use a number of various settings of ASUS Wireless Router on Web GUI page.
  •    If this is the first time you land on Web GUI then you by default get redirected to Quick Internet Setup (QIS) page.
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