Asus Rapture GT-AX11000

The setup process for Asus Rapture GT-AX11000

Before configuring, let’s start the setup process by following the steps given below.

Preparing the modem

Firstly, unplug the modem cable/DSL modem. Also, remove the battery backup if it has any.

  • If you are using DSL for the internet, you need to get the username and the password from the internet service provider to configure the router properly.
  • Now, connect the modem to the router with the bundled network cable.
  • Power on your cable/DSL modem.
  • Lastly, verify the LED lights on the cable/DSL modem to ensure an active connection.

Setting up the ROG router

You can choose both wired and wireless connections to set up your ROG router.

For the wired connection

  • After plugging the router into the power outlet, power it on. Connect the network cable from the computer to the router’s LAN port.
  • The web GUI is launched automatically once you open any compatible browser. You can also choose to enter the default gateway in the browser’s address bar.
  • Set the password for your router to prevent any unauthorized access.

For the wireless connection

  • Firstly, power on the router after plugging it into the power outlet.
  • Connect to the SSID shown on the product label on the router’s backside. You can change to a unique SSID and assign a password for better network security.
  • Log in to the router’s web management page and access the wireless settings.
  • Make changes in the configurations and save them.

Asus router login

Connecting to an Asus router is one of the first steps to granting access to all the advanced router account settings. You can utilize the login procedure to make the necessary changes, update firmware and change the login credentials to increase security in the future. Read this blog to learn about your Asus router login procedure with the troubleshooting suggestions.

Asus router login process

  • Firstly, join your router and computer using the Ethernet cable supplied.
  • Start any compatible browser that works on the internet. Enter the URL
  • You can also sign up using a default IP address listed in the user manual for your device.
  • When you press enter, you will be directed to an account login page.
  • Input your username and password into the fields provided.
  • If the data you enter is correct, you’ll automatically be taken into the Asus setup wizard.
  • Lastly, you can alter the settings of this section based on your preferences.

How to upgrade the firmware on the Asus router?

The method of downloading and upgrading can differ based on the model you own. However, we will cover each aspect of the process in this article.

  • The first step is downloading the latest software from Asus’s official support website.
  • Extract your files from the ZIP file that you downloaded. Inside the folder, you’ll be able to find it as a .trx file.
  • Find out the IP address of the device. This method is different depending on whether you’re a Windows, Android, or Mac OS X user.
  • Upload the firmware onto the device. Enter the IP address of your local network. Enter the username and password for logging into this device.
  • After you have signed in to your Asus Network device, click to input your Firmware Version number at the top of the page.
  • Select the Choose File button present on the page to upgrade firmware. Make sure you’re uploading the correct version of the firmware.
  • Choose the firmware unzipped within the .trx file you downloaded prior.
  • Click the open button. It’s located in the left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Check that the choice you’ve made is the correct one. Click the Upload button near the end.
  • Set up the firmware installation right now. It will take 3 minutes before you can see the file loaded on the phone.
  • After the firmware update has been completed, press the ON/OFF button in the unit to reboot it.
  • Lastly, log back into your device after rebooting and confirm that the latest firmware version has been successfully installed.

How to Upgrade the Firmware via web GUI?

  • Firstly, make use of any compatible browser to navigate through WebGUI.
  • Enter the login credentials, and then click Sign In.
  • An announcement will appear on the upper-right-hand corner of your screen when the new firmware version becomes available.
  • Click Update Now and it will take you to the administration. Choose the System tab. Choose Firmware Upgrade now.
  • Please give it a couple of seconds until the upload has been complete.
  • Once the upgrade is complete and you have logged in to the online UI again, navigate to the admin option.
  • Choose Restore/Save/Upload Setting. Pick the Factory default setting, and then choose Restore.
  • The router can be reset at any time when the pop-up window opens. Once you have clicked OK, the process of reset process will begin.
  • In the end, you can configure the router once again.

Resetting Asus Rapture GT-AX11000

You can reset your Asus router GT-AX11000 if it is giving trouble or errors in its working. The personalized settings will be erased and you will have to start from scratch to set up your router. But this option is worth giving a shot if the troubleshooting tips fail to mend the router working. Follow the lead to reset your router:

  • Firstly turn off the router.
  • Press the WPS button. Hold it for a few seconds and turn the router on.
  • Keep holding the WPS button until the power light is on.
  • Release the button after the power light goes off.
  • Reboot the router by manually pressing the power button.


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