Asus Router Setup

Asus Router Setup In Easy Way

Asus router is no less than any other routers available in the market nowadays. They are the best example available for an ideal router. They are a mixture of quality with future device. It means any person of any generation will not regret using Asus routers. Among home routers, Asus router has everything to offer to its users. Tons of features are also waiting for you. So, if you haven’t made up your mind yet for Asus router then only go through this blog. After reading this blog, we are sure you will surely look for Asus router. All those who are looking to create a hi-fi Wi-Fi zone into their home network will surely like the Asus router range. It really doesn’t matter if you have big or small home/ office Asus router is for you. So, for now, let’s take a look at Asus router setup.

With the help of Asus Router setup, you can also enable guest access control on your home network. Guest Access Control is a useful feature of Asus router. It let other users use your home network for some time without having access to your network. Let’s set go to try enabling Guest Access Control for your Asus Router.

How to Enable Guest Access Control?

  • On your computer or wireless device open a web browser.
  •    Once you open the web browser, next enter Router IP address into an address bar.
  •    When you get Asus router Login Pop-up window, enter default Login credentials. Here enter Admin for both username & password. Only, if you haven’t made any changes to the login IDs earlier.
  •    Now, go to Guest Network screen, simply click on Create. This will create a network for your guests.

After this, you know your network traffic will get allocate among you & your guest. So, in order to do, Asus router setup for setting up priority for bandwidth follow the below-given steps. This option comes under that Quality of service that lets you manage the network traffic smoothly.

Steps for Prioritize Bandwidth

  •  Once again launch a web a web browser on your computer or wireless device. Only, if you are coming directly to this option. If you are already login to your router user interface then move ahead.
  •    Now, click on Screen of Traffic Manager & pick QOS tab.
  • To enable default rule Click On & fill up into the download & upload bandwidth Fields.

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