Asus Router Setup In Easy Way

Asus router is no less than any other routers available in the market nowadays. They are the best example available for an ideal router. They are a mixture of quality with future device. It means any person of any generation will not regret using Asus routers. Among home routers, Asus router has everything to offer to its users. Tons of features are also waiting for you. So, if you haven’t made up your mind yet for Asus router then only go through this blog. After reading this blog, we are sure you will surely look for Asus router. All those who are looking to create a hi-fi Wi-Fi zone into their home network will surely like the Asus router range. It really doesn’t matter if you have big or small home/ office Asus router is for you. So, for now, let’s take a look at Asus router setup.

With the help of Asus Router setup, you can also enable guest access control on your home network. Guest Access Control is a useful feature of Asus router. It let other users use your home network for some time without having access to your network. Let’s set go to try enabling Guest Access Control for your Asus Router.

Asus Router Setup In Easy Way

How to Enable Guest Access Control?

After this, you know your network traffic will get allocate among you & your guest. So, in order to do, Asus router setup for setting up priority for bandwidth follow the below-given steps. This option comes under that Quality of service that lets you manage the network traffic smoothly.

Steps for Prioritize Bandwidth

Steps for Prioritize Bandwidth
  •  Once again launch a web a web browser on your computer or wireless device. Only, if you are coming directly to this option. If you are already login to your router user interface then move ahead.
  •    Now, click on Screen of Traffic Manager & pick QOS tab.
  • To enable default rule Click On & fill up into the download & upload bandwidth Fields.

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Asus router setup using the setup wizard

The Asus router setup wizard walks you through the basic router settings. You can access the Internet, set up the Asus router account password, and configure the SSID and password of your wireless network. You can quickly finish and enable the basic operations of your router.

  • First, connect the RJ45 cable from the modem to the WAN port on the Asus router.
  • Now, connect another Ethernet cable between the router’s LAN port and the PC.
  • Next, plug in the Asus device to the power plug using the AC adapter.
  • Press the power button on the Asus wifi router to turn it on.
  • Make sure all the LEDs on the Asus router are on.
  • Now, launch the browser and type
  • It will redirect you to the QIS page. 
  • Afterward, click on Create a new network on the Welcome screen.
  • The setup wizard will detect your internet connection type automatically.
  • Now, assign a unique name for your Asus SSID name and create a complex password for it.
  • Finally, click on Apply to finish the setup and configuration. 
  • To know how to setup the Asus router with the mobile app, contact the technical team.
Asus firmware update process

Asus firmware update process

  • First of all, launch the browser and type
  • Then log in with the default Asus admin details.
  • On the basic home page, you will see a pop-up if any new firmware version is available.
  • Click on Update now.
  • Next, click on the System under the Administration section.
  • Click on Firmware Upgrade and wait for the process to complete. 

If you want to update the Asus router firmware manually, get stepwise instructions from the technical experts now.

How to access the router Asus login dashboard?

  • The first step is to connect the Asus router’s network LAN port to the internet port on the PC with the included Ethernet cable.
  • Now, launch a web browser on your PC and enter or in the address bar.
  • Next, enter the Asus router’s username and password into the appropriate boxes and hit the login button.
  • The default router Asus login credentials can be found on the package label on the router’s bottom panel.
  • You will then be routed to the online configuration page of your Asus wireless router.
  • Select your internet connection type and adjust the Asus device’s wireless settings.
  • Finally, save all of your options and you’re done with the Asus router setup.
How to access the router Asus login dashboard?

How to setup the Asus router via mobile app?

The ASUS router app gives you the ability to control your network remotely with a few taps. With these features, Asus delivers the greatest Wi-Fi and Internet-surfing experiences you’ve ever had. Follow the steps below to set up your router using the Asus app:

  • Firstly, browse to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and search for the ASUS router app, or scan the QR code with your phone to download the app.
  • Secondly, go to your mobile’s settings and connect to the Asus router’s default  SSID name.
  • You can find the SSID name and password on the product label at the back panel of the Asus router.
  • Now, launch the Asus app and tap Setup.
  • Then tap on the Asus router and click Allow to start the Asus router setup.
  • Next, tap on Start and select the connection type. Enter the details provided by your ISP such as username and password and tap Continue.
  • Afterward, type SSID name and password under the Wireless Settings.
  • Now, create the Asus router account and enter the login details.
  • Follow the prompts in-app to complete the configuration process.

How to configure the LAN settings of my Asus router?

  • Firstly, enter your Asus router default IP address in your browser followed by your username and password to log in to your ASUS networking device.
  • If you don’t know the IP address, access the Asus router setup wizard page using
  • The ASUS Wireless Router has a web-based user interface that lets you configure the router using any web browser, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.
  • Once logged in to the web console, click on LAN under the Advanced settings.
  • Next, click on LAN IP and enter the Asus router’s IP address and Subnet mask. Click Apply.

How to reset the Asus router into factory default settings?

Please keep in mind that all of your router’s settings (including internet settings) will be erased after a factory reset. We recommend that you contact your ISP for information on connecting to the Internet, and then proceed with the procedures below.


  • Firstly, look for the RESET button on your router.
  • Then, for 5-10 seconds, press and hold the RESET button until your power LED light begins to flash.
  • At this time, LED lights on the router don’t turn on. It is typical as a result of the router rebooting.
  • Wait until the LED lights come back on. A green LED light indicates that the reset process is completed.

Why can’t I log in to the Asus router via

  • Make sure that your Asus router has the correct WAN connection.
  • You should connect your router to the client device using a wired connection.
  • Also, check if the Asus device is properly plugged into the power plug using the power adapter.
  • Next, make sure that your adapter is set to obtain IP automatically.
  • Afterward, check if your web browser has not set up a proxy server. 
  • Use the Asus router default IP address to access the router Asus login dashboard
  • Temporarily disable the firewall and security applications on the computer system.
  • Then try clearing the cache, cookies, and browsing history.
  • Restart your whole network, including your modem, PC, and Asus wireless router.
  • If nothing else works, reset the Asus router to factory settings by long pressing the reset button on the back panel.
Why can’t I log in to the Asus router via
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