How to login to ASUS wireless router settings page
The Internet is one of the most growing things in the world. With that, our need for the internet is growing too. Now, what we need is high-speed internet and better coverage to remove the dead spots. Asus wireless router is the one that provides you all these facilities. Let us discuss more the asus login and setup here. Once, you are done with the login process, you can easily do the setup and get uninterrupted internet speed.

Before the Asus Wireless Router Login

If you wish to have a fast internet speed and larger coverage, you need to do the setup you’re your Asus device properly. For that, you have to do the asus login using the web address. There are few more things that you should know before you get started with the login process.
  • You should have a Modem and your Asus wireless Router.
  • Ethernet cable to connect your devices.
  • Make sure to have the correct web address or IP address for the Asus router setup.
  • Another thing you need is the default login credentials.

The Login process for the Asus Wireless Router

You can easily log in to your Asus Wireless Router using the For an easy login process, check out the steps given below.
  1. To begin with the login process, you need to connect your modem to your Asus router using the Ethernet cable and then connect the router to your computer with the same process.
  2. Then, open a default browser on your computer system and enter in the URL field and click the enter button.
  3. With that, you will be redirected to the login page. There, enter the default login credentials as admin. It is recommended to change the login details for better security.
  4. Now, you are done with the login process.

Setup and configure your Asus Wireless router

Once you are done with the login process, the next thing you have to do is set up your Asus Wireless Router. Check out the simple step for the setup and configuration process.
  1. You are already logged in to your router. Next, you have to change the SSID name.
  2. Go to the Wi-Fi network details and type a new name under the SSID name for both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz.
  3. Then, save the changes by clicking on the Apply button.
  4. In the end, you will be asked to update your firmware. You can update the firmware or choose to update it later.
You are all done with the setup process of your device. If there are any issues with your device while doing the setup process such as you are not connected to the internet or you are not able to load the login page. You can try to disconnect your device and then connect them again.


This article will be a great help when you want to load the ASUS wireless router settings page using the web address. If there is any sort of problem or you want to know more about your router, you can contact us via telephone. All you have to do is give us a call on our toll-free number. Our support team will provide you proper assistance.