Ways To Fix ASUS Router Login Not Working

Ways to Fix ASUS Router Login not Working

If you need the tips on this post, it means that you need some help with your Asus router. When you begin to notice that your Asus router starts showing connectivity issues, you may need to check out what the problem is so that you can solve it appropriately. It could also be that while you are trying to login, you cannot access the login page either through the default IP address or the Web Address. Nonetheless, you can find solutions to why Asus router login not working here. In this post, you will see the possible reasons this could be happening and how they can be solved as well. 

Why is the Asus Login Not Working?

It is good that you know that you are not the only user who gets faced with issues like this. The login of the Asus is quite simple because the router is designed in a smart way to aid easy setup. However, if you end up facing technical problems while trying to login, below are some possible reasons. 

  • Inaccurate wire cable connections or faulty cables.
  • Incorrect Web Address or IP address or typing these in the wrong field.
  • Outdated firmware and Drivers.
  • Wrong connection will cause your router login not to work.
  • Also, an outdated browser can also be a hindrance.

Quick Ways To Solve These Issues

  1. Power Cycle

This is a very simple task because it means rebooting your router. So when you are stuck and not able to access the internet, it means that something is definitely happening to the router. You can try to reboot your router in cases like this. Follow the steps below to:

  • Firstly, switch off your router and disconnect the power cable.
  • Thereafter, wait for 15 minutes and then re-insert the power cable into the Asus router.
  • After that, plug the power adapter into the power outlet. 
  • Go ahead and switch on your router and check if it’s working fine. 

2. Check for faulty wires

In this step, make sure all the cables are properly plugged into their respective ports. After that, make sure no cables or wires are showing any signs of wear and tear. It is good that you test them before setting up your router in order to be sure that they are working fine. If they are not working, you can change them and proceed further. 

3. Update wifi driver

Just like your smartphone starts to hold back some of its functionalities when the software is outdated, so does your Asus router. The Driver or firmware is like the “intelligent house” it runs on so therefore, once a version of the Driver or Firmware is outdated, it is expected that you update it to the next version so that router.asus.com can work properly. To update your driver, you can follow the steps below:

  • Switch on your computer .
  • After that, check your home screen for the “Computer” icon and right-click on it.
  • Next, from the list displayed, select “Properties”. And from under the Properties list, select “Device Manager”.
  • It is time to update your “Wifi” driver or it can also be called your “Network Driver”.
  • Note that, if it happens that even after updating your Wifi Driver your router isn’t working, then you can uninstall this present driver and install a new one.
  • Finally, after installing the new Driver, you can connect your device to your network to check if it’s working.

4. Factory reset Asus router

Resetting the Asus router to the factory default settings will restore the original settings on your router. All the connections, passwords, logs, etc, will be removed from your Asus router. Thus, removing all the possible errors and problems on your router. Please follow the steps below to reset Asus router to the factory default settings. 

  • The reset button is always located at the back of the router or in other cases you have to locate it wherever it is located. 
  • Get a firm object and pin down the reset button for precisely 15 seconds 
  • Once you see the flash from the power indicator LED, it shows that the reset was successful.
  • Subsequently, you have to hold on for sometime for the router to reboot itself. The power LED and other LED lights will switch on too
  • Finally, you can now go ahead to set up your router again.


So that was all about the troubleshooting instructions you need to follow when you see your Asus router login not working. We hope the instructions mentioned in this post helped you resolve the issues on your own. If you face issues with your Asus router, please get in touch with our support team for help.