steps for monitoring the usb device

Steps for monitoring the USB device

Each ASUS wireless router provides us two USB ports. These ports are then used to connect the USB devices and you can also connect USB printer. You are able to share printer and files with other users that are connected to the same network. With this function provided by the router, you will be able to transfer data from USB to your computer or vice-versa.

Before performing the monitor process, perform these two steps:

  • On the rear panel of the wireless router, two USB ports are given. One is USB 2.0 port and other is USB 3.0 port. Insert your USB storage device in one of these ports. USB storage device can be a hard disk or flash drive. The USB storage device must be formatted and partitioned properly.
  • The USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports can support either two USB drives simultaneously or one printer and one USB drive simultaneously. Two printers simultaneously are not supported by the ports.

 If you want to monitor all the USB devices connected to your computer then follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to general then Network map under the navigation panel.
  2. To get the status of your USB device either it is a printer or hard drive; select the USB Disk Status icon from the network map screen.
  3. If you want to share files on the Internet, click on the GO to set up an FTP server on the AiDisk Wizard field.
One other thing to note here is after monitoring process is complete; you need to remove the USB device. You must remove it properly otherwise it can cause data corruption.

To remove the USB device properly, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to General then Network Map under the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click on a symbol located at the upper right corner. After that click on Eject USB disk. Unmounted status is shown to you after the successful ejection of the USB device.
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