Each router comes up with few basic to advanced features that differentiate their own working. These features get access via router login page. This login page can be reached when you access web address. So, we can say that any router or Asus router entire process revolves around Asus router login page. From Router login page you not only modify settings but can connect with other devices also. Which creates a circle of networking & you can the start sharing files & media with your known. To access router login page, you must have knowledge of default login credentials. Once you successfully submit the login details, it redirects you to the router login page. So, if you recently bought Asus Router & want to configure the router to advanced settings then read our today’s blog.

Before you get onto Asus router login page Connect your router to the modem. Follow below-mentioned steps for more clarity regarding the setup.

Steps for Asus Router Setup (Wired Connection)
  • Put Asus router AC adapter into DC-IN port & then plug it into the power outlet. Next, connect your PC to Asus router LAN port by the use of network cable. Check if LAN LED is blinking or not?
  • Now, take another Network cable & connect your modem to WAN port of the Asus Router.
  • Here, plug your Modem AC adapter to the DC-IN port & also into the power outlet.
  • Your Router Position Also makes difference to the Wi-Fi network. We are mentioning Few steps that will guide you how you can position your Asus Router. So, receive best wifi signals by following these points.

Position of the Asus Router

  • For Maximum Coverage, place your Asus router midway between your computer or client devices.
  • Make sure your Asus router doesn’t get into contact with any obstruction. Specially, in contact of direct sunlight or metal obstruction.
  • Keep Router away from the Bluetooth devices, fluorescent lights, refrigerators, Computer peripherals & cordless phones. These things increase the signal interference & create an issue of No signal.

Method to Enter Asus Router Login Page


•    Take a Computer & Open a web browser. Here, enter Asus Router IP address which is into browser address bar. In case, the address doesn’t work then try web address which is http://router.asus.com.

   Use any of these browsers. For Example Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for accessing Asus Router Login Page

•    Once you receive a prompt window asking for device default credentials, enter default username & password. Enter Admin for both the username & password.

•    In case, you have made any changes to Login credentials earlier than default login credentials will not work. Enter the personalized Login details.

•    If personalized login details also don’t work then you can restore your router to default settings. Press reset button for about 10 seconds.

•    Now, you are on Asus router web-based user interface page. You can now configure your router as per your preference.

Now, we are on Asus router login page. From here we can customize Asus router as per our choice. So, first of all, we will secure wireless network from illegal access. Let’s take a look how we can secure wireless network.

Setup Wireless Security Settings into Asus Router

•    Visit navigation panel, go to General Settings & then Network Map.

•    Once you reach Network Map screen, look for System status. From here, you can configure wireless security settings such as encryption settings, SSID & security level.

•    Put unique name into SSID field for setting up Wireless name.

•    Now, choose authentication method for wireless network from the dropdown list of Authentication Method.

•    Click on Apply button once you have done with the settings.

You can also manage your network clients. It means you can keep an eye on the visitors on your Home network. Once you successfully reach to the Asus Router Login Page, enable this option on the Asus router.

Manage Network Clients on Your Network By These Steps

•    Once again head for Navigation panel. Go to General & then tab of Network Map.

•    On the screen of the Network Map, pick Icon of Client for revealing information of network client’s.

•    Just in case, you don’t want particular client device access your network then Open the Lock Icon.

To more about Asus router login page, contact our team on Toll-free number. We have a team that has years of experience in providing quality advice to router users. If you also have any question or query regarding your router, simply leave a message for the team. Our team works round the clock & can answer you live on live chat. So, what are you waiting for? Take experts’ advice & Configure Asus router by visiting the Asus Router login page. Don’t forget to share your suggestion & feedback with us.