Follow These Simple Steps to Execute Asus Router Setup

Follow These Simple Steps to Execute Asus Router Setup

Asus router has marked its name in router market in such a short span of time. This is because it comes with few advanced features which are useful & also didn’t get found in other routers. This makes Asus routers different & unique from other available routers. If somehow, users get an issue in the Asus router, it can get solved with troubleshooting tips easily. If you haven’t used Asus router till now then Asus router is worth a onetime investment. In today’s blog, we will try to answer your common queries regarding Asus Router setup & Asus Login. When you start setting up your Asus router then once for all don’t forget to take assistance from our experts. It is always suggested to take experts’ advice before you setup router for the first.

So, let’s start with accessing the Asus router’s browser-based utility. What you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps sequence wise. In case, of any issue don’t forget to contact us on a toll-free number. Let’s begin the setup process.

Method for Accessing the Asus Router’s Browser-Based Utility for Asus Router Setup

  •    Take a computer or wireless device & Open a web browser on it.
  •    Next, Type Asus Router IP address,,, or into browser address bar & then press Enter.
  •    When you see a pop-up window asking for Router default login credentials then enter the default one. Use Admin for Both the Username & Password.
  •    In case, you have made any changes to router password earlier then enter the personalized password.
  •    Now, go for Advanced Settings option & look for WAN Menu.
  •    Go for setting of WAN DNS & Type & into DNS Server 1 & DNS Server 2 each.
  •    Here, you need to verify that you haven’t setup LAN DNS server.
  •    At last, confirm your router settings.

Now, let’s perform the steps for Quick Internet Setup

  • Make sure that every cable associated with the Asus wireless router is plugged in. Experts suggest using a wired connection to set up Quick Internet Setup.
  • Now go to configuration page & then click on Go button.
  • Here, type a fresh password for two times & then click on Next Button.
  • Your internet connection type will get detected by default. After this, click on Next.
  • Next, enter the PPPoE Username & the Password given by your Internet service provider.
  • Don’t forget to enter the network name (SSID) & network key for your Asus wireless router. After that, Click on the apply button.

You can ask further steps from our experts on the Toll-free number. We have a team of professionals. They have good technical background with strong knowledge regarding routers. So, you can easily get the answer to your queries associated with Asus router setup. The Team is available 24/7 on toll-free Number. You can also interact with them live on Live chat support window. If you want to share feedback & suggestion with the team directly, leave a message for them in the comment box. Our team will revert back to you in no time.