How to access Asus Router Login page

How to access Asus Router Login page?

An account is necessary to configure the router. You must have an account on ASUS website to change the settings of your router. And it works so well or smoothly if you have GUI of the router configuration page.

Steps to log into the web GUI of the router:

  1. Launch an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox). In the address bar located at the top of the browser window, type Http:// or and press enter. The configuration page of the router displays. It is very easy to configure the router through its web-based user interface. ASUS wireless router provides this thing on web browsers like Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The features of the router may differ according to the firmware version.
  2. In the username and password field, enter the username and password that you have set before. Otherwise enter the default username and password. Admin is the default username and password for the ASUS wireless router.

If you have forgotten either username or password then you have to perform the steps to reset the router to its default factory settings. This process is very simple, what you need to do is locate the reset button located on the back side of the router and press and hold it for 10 seconds with a paper clip. Release it after 10 seconds and it is finished.

  1. Now the process is complete. You can now change the settings of the router by using the web-based GUI of the router. It is very easy to operate GUI of the router. You will be automatically redirected to the Quick Internet Setup page if you are using it for the first time.

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